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Mike, Rob, and Jeff, who all died in their mid-twenties, shared a genetic disorder called x-linked lymphoproliferative disease. This disease attacks the immune system, leaving the body vunerable to the epstein-barr virus.

The epstein-barr virus has the symptoms of a cold - sore throat, swollen glands, aching joints - and is usually the cause of infectious mononucleosis.

More than 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the epstein-barr virus, but it is usually harmless. Generally, the average human body can kill the virus without much of a problem. The Adams brothers are part of a rare population so vunerable to the virus that it becomes lethal.

Mike, Rob, and Jeff were three of the only 270 confirmed cases of the genetic disorder.

The Adamses lived in Abington since 1974, and all of the children are graduates of the Abington public schools.


Michael Scott Adams
b. February 13, 1970 d. November 1, 1994

After graduating high school in 1988, Michael attended Bridgewater State College. He loved sports and played basketball and volleyball with friends and family.


Robert Gerard Adams
b. May 15, 1971 d. October 30, 1998

After graduating high school in 1989, Rob attended Daniel Webster College to pursue a career in aviation.

Rob was a dedicated, well-liked employee at Federated Investors. In a letter from the Senior Vice President, it was stated how his friendship and camaraderie will be missed.

Rob enjoyed music and played both the trombone and guitar.


Jeffery Thomas Adams
b. May 16, 1975 d. January 1, 1999

After graduating high school in 1993, Jeff attended Bentley College to pursue a career in business.

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